Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Im Alive! haha

Well whats up guys. I know its been forever. So much going on in my life right now. hahaha

Before I start rambiling on heres a random song

Anyway on to life. Well I got a "job" at a body shop a friend owns, its also the shop my xB has been at for like 6 months, so its cool to be able to work on it. And im learning a lot there, its more of an apprentieceship then a job really. haha so thats cool.

speaking of the xB its actually gettin somewhere now. Lots of big plans, and its cool to see em comming together. Its still a long ways from done, but just seeing progress is exciting. Im stoked to see it all finished. It will be done and debued at TORC. The only thing im not sure i'll have by then is wheels. which would kinda suck but what ever i'll pull something out for the show :D

Ummm what else. I moved. hahaha no more living in the middle of no where. I live in palmdale/quartz hill now. Yeee its soo much better im like way closer to everything and its awesome. And the garage is bigger, which is awesome. more tools and more awesome :D and it has a pool and a big back yard. I'll get some pics of the house and stuff and post em eventually :)

Uhhh well tonight i got the wifi set up in the house so i have real internet access now, so thats good. got a new cam too so i can actually take pics and cool stuff :)

Uhhhh the S13 is gettin worked on at my school, gettin ready to get painted. Then hopefuly an enging swap over the summer. HEhehehehe more power >=D I still cant decide on a color tho, so i guess that'll come to me someday outta now where....or something ahah

anyway thats whats going on in my life right now i guess. lol. uhhhhhh yea pretty much.

hopefuly i'll be posting more, i know ive said that before like 54 times before but oh well lets see what happens this time :P

Bye, as always thanks for reading