Friday, January 29, 2010

Low Enough?

Seriously now? Like how in the world can someone drive this. I dont know, but god i wanna find out. Hahaha! Cant wait for spring to slam the xB again. and this is my new goal. Wooo! Carnage FTW!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Song of the week

Ok. so i forget how much i love this song untill i hear it. and i keep forgeting who sings it, or the name of the song, so i never ended up downloading it. But! Im doing that as i type. haha. Its just a great song. For me its one of those songs that really captures me, and i feel one with the song. wow that sounded cheezy. oh well!!1

Interesting Day

K. so i had a verry interesting day today. Slow start, cuz thats how i roll when i have nothing to do. lol. then i wanted to do a few things on my xB. But it was cold outsite. so i came up with the wonderfull idea of trying to get my car into my garage. and if anyone has seen my drive way they would know its pretty much impossible. Well after about 15 min and a few 2x4's i made it in the garage. lol. On the to do list today was, raise the car for winter (thanks parents for that great "idea"), fix my fogged headlight, ziptie a crack in the front bumper, throw my power steering belt back on, and...well thats about it. I wanted to take a sticker off but never got to it. loool!

Sooo. I walked outside, moved a matress that was in the garage from yesterday (i got a new one and we dont have a place for the old one) anyway. i moved the box springs out of my way. i go to put them back one is fine the other seems fine, i walk away to do other things and here this horrible "SLAM" noise. before i see anything i just sigh "shit" lol, i turn around and there is a box spring laying on my car. wonderfull. I pick it up and there's a nice dent in my hood, and its complimented by a nice crack in my paint. WONDERFULLL!!!! So here are some pics of the damage. its not that bad, and luckily i can hide it with the bra. but it still pisses me off.

Interesting Day 009
Interesting Day 011
Interesting Day 010

Sooo. after i went inside and chilled fer a second the real modding started.

Interesting Day 008

One side raised

Interesting Day 014

Started workin on the other side

Interesting Day 025

Got bored so i lowered this side just for fun (Im planing to run at least this low for hella flush 3.5. lol)

Interesting Day 016

Ziptied the front lip.

Interesting Day 026

After that i took the headlight off the car, resealed it, and the silicone is drying. didnt take any more pictures tho. lol. I'll take some real pics tomorrow of the new lame stance. haha. i already miss being low. but one upside, it will ride a lot nicer. haha

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dirty Lil Whore!

My xB that is. hahaha! So it snowed, rained, then stopped and left the roads horribly filthy, covered in dirt, mud, rocks, and other random stuff that dosent get along with cars. lol. and this is the aftermath of driving a few days on those fun roads. haha.

Filthy box 008
Filthy box 010

Headlight foggin from all the rain. (I need to reseal it. lol)

Filthy box 001

And this is why low cars dont get along with deep puddles. But hey. gives me an excuse to bust out my back up lip, and fix this one with stickers and zipties. LOL!

Filthy box 003

Monday, January 25, 2010

Some 2 Wheel Love

BMX is something i've always enjoyed doing, and learning. And a few months back (more then a few) i was just starting to really get into it, when i decided my bike was too heavy, (which it was) So i wanted a new bike. well being that I was broke, there was no way i could afford what i wanted. So i was poking around fer a new frame and some other parts when i found a 08 Eastearn Dragon frame fer 20 bucks, and it was local. so i grabbed that and started swaping parts from my old redline to the new frame. then i realized i had cheap 1 piece cranks and the fancy new eastern was built for 3 peice. Soo, now the bike is sitting im my garage watiting untill i can afford some nice cranks, a sproket, brake setup, and prolly a new head set. Anyway, i was bored and found some dope vids that really inspired me to get my bike back on the streets.

Flatland from Sava Savichev on Vimeo.

Year 2009 BMX from Alex Wahl on Vimeo.

And a few snaps of my work in progress. lol. I'll update it whenever i get more parts or something

My Bike 008
My Bike 006

And just cause i can. hahah (BTW: I didnt take this shot, and i forgot who did. but thanks again)


S13 Video!

Sooo, I know a few of you wanted to hear this beast (yea right. ha) so i figured i'd make a lame lil vid before i threw the stock exhaust back on. sorry for the horrible vid, i really need to fab up a cam mount or something. but u can still here it. LMAO!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pic of the day!

Thanks to my new fave blog, Drift Life, for this awesome pic. A line is simply baller cars ready to tear up Nikko Circuit.

awesome driftaaaz

Link to drift life if u wanna see awesomeness! Hahh

Drift Life

Im Famous!!!!

Just kidding, but i can dream right? =P haha. Anyway. a pic a snapped made it on to 2 blogs! ZOMG! Lol...

Thanks to Nickolai for the feature and the kind words. It really means a lot

Tony Finally Did It

And huge thanks to the guys at stanceworks/canibeat for seeing the pic nick posted and featuring it on there blog too!!! Hahah! Im happy =D LOL!

Random Beat: Snow Plowin

Thanks guys! I still have a long way to go in the photography world. (and the car world. lol) But im learning, and progressing as i go.

And thanks to casey for showing me how to post links. hahahaha

Just Awesome

Ok. so i saw this car on hellaflush and was going to use a pic as "pic of the day" but this car is too epic to only post one picture. lol. I love e30's done up right (hell, even stock) but this one is just damn sexy! Sitting on what looks to be Diamond custom steelies, and they fit great. The stance is what makes this car soo perfect.


Weather Update!

Ok. no pics (sorry) lol. but yesterday it was snowing a lot, then it turned to rain and melted all the snow. lol. today was no different. it snowed just enough to make the drive home with my dad horrible. lol. we bearly made it home. then it kinda snowed off and on throughout the day untill around 8 when it just stopped doing everything. and now there saying the storms are done untill tuesday. so we'll see. I gotta say this weather sure makes for some interesting driving tho. some people are insane. lol.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pic of the day

God how i love the destrustion of tires at a great drift event. This pic kinda sums that up fer me.


SnowCal WTF?

Sooo. Yesterday, One min it was raining, then i look outside and BAM snow. i was like wtf? haha. Anyway. it was kinda random and lasted longer then i thought. we ended up with like 1-2 inches of snow. then it got sunny and melted. The weather people said they were expecting 1-3 FEET of snow as low as 3500ft tomorrow too! which is exactally where we are. soo. that would be INSANE! Lol. here are some pics i snapped yesterday. and if anything happens tomorrow, i'll snap even more! LOL!

Snow DAY! 011

Snow DAY! 004

Snow DAY! 003

Snow DAY! 008

Then the snow stopped and it was sunny out

Snow DAY! 012

Snow DAY! 016

Then a nice little rainbow

Snow DAY! 019

Pic of the day

Ok. now most people (including me) think 15's look kinda small on a s13. but there are a few out there that pull off the look sooo damn well, and this one is no exception. It just has such a mean, tough look. i love it.

15 inch 240

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Song Of The Week!

This weeks song is "Last Night In Brooklyn" by Innerpartysyestem. I love this song. It has a slight techno feel ( love techno btw) and it just has this awesomly chill vibe goin on. lol. Just listen, u'll know what i mean.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pic of the day!

This awesome 350. I really wanna do this color combo on my next set of wheels. it looks soo mean on the right car.


More S13 Randomess

Lol. yes. i did more work on my S13 yesterday and today. Just normal routine maintenance, oil and filter, fuel filter, plugs, coolent (since it was running off watter. lol) and some other things. I also picked up a few gaskets to mount the stock exhaust back on the car. but i didnt get enough to actually slap it on. so im still pissing off the neighbors. hahaha. oh well :D And omg this car is soo much more spirited then my xB. WAY more power, and revs a lot higher. I was doin like 30 in first and i was only at 6k. lol. The xB tops out in first at like 28. hahaha. It was a lot of fun tho. and it was kinda raining. so maybe spun the tires once or twice. I really need to weld the diff tho. lol. tried to slide around a lil turn, and pretty much failed. the car wouldnt break loose. lol. so that will be the next real mod. lol. anway. here are some pics.


So i also took the bunjee cord off that was holdin the trunk closed, because after my first drive i realized it wasnt doing such a great job. lmao. ZIPTIEZ FTW! Hahaha


and i cleaned up the engine bay, and the entire car, after all the work was done.


I slapped the hood back on, and now the car is sitting outside in the rain. lol. lets hope it dosent leak anywhere. lmao.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pic of the day

Ok. im sorry i totally forgot about this. lmao. i think i missed yesterday? But my s13 and all the excitment got me side tracked. so i'll post 2 to make up for it :D lol

first is just this epic pic of a 72 (?) skyline in a PERFECT garage. i can seriously only dream of a garage soo nice. its simply immaculate, and the car is a work of old school, japonese art. so enjoy


This next pic. i've been waiting for a time to use it as "pic of the day" Cuz its an awesome car, and one of my favorites as a VIP platform. and this one if just done up perfect.

(and yes i got both these pics from hella flush. forgive me. haha)


and now that were cought up. see you tomorrow with a new pic :D

Friday, January 15, 2010


LMAO! U read right. it lives! What lives? My S13! FInally! Its been a long haul of replacing parts, buying stuff with no real result. And its done! At least for now. lol. imma keep modding and that always means u'll run into a few problems here and there. Anyway. The mechanic showed up about an hour late (all good since i had nothing planed today) haha. So he gets here, asks a few questions, has me turn it over. finds out that what i told him was true (it wasnt getting spark) he then finds out the ignitor isnt getting power. which i thought it was (yea, idk how to use a volt meter, and i didnt have a test light. haha) so he was looking around at stuff. come to find out i had 2 of the plugs switched. one for the intake temp sensor, and one for the ignitor. FACEPALM! so he flips em, i turn it over. POP! the car makes a sound! So now im excited. we try to turn it over again, and then find a fuel leek in one of the injectors. which is really lame to me, cuz i fixed that a while ago and replaced all the seals, and o-rings. Well i didnt know u were supposed to put grease on them so u didnt pinch the o-ring. and thats exactally what i did. lol. so later that day i run to town, pick up 4 new o-rings, a maf adapter fer my Injen intake, and some random stuff. so i hurry home. get the maf and intake all situated. replace the o-ring on the one leaking injector. I turn the car on and it starts leaking out of a different injector *sigh* lol. so i replace that o-ring (it was in 2 peices when i took it out. lol) throw it in, bolt everything up. turn the, click. battery's dead. *sigh* so i go steal my moms battery out of her jeep, which is huge and bearly fit in the 240. but i make it fit, hook it all up. turn the key. click. ugh. the terminals arnt the same size so it was shorting out. i tighten em up again. click. same thing. i go mess with them a lil. turn the key and BAM! It starts right away! I was like ZOMG!!!!!! hahahahahahaha. It was loud as hell and im sorry i didnt record it (i will tomorrow) it was nuts tho, since it dosent have an exhaust at the moment, and it was in my shed. wow. lol. anyway. i pull it out of the shed. take it for a really really short spin. park it in my driveway. it stalls, cuse it ran out of gas. lol. so i went and got gas, and imma work on it a lot more tomorrow and see where i go. im just soo happy it runs now! Woooo!!! anyway. here are some pics.

S13 RUNZZ! 003
S13 RUNZZ! 002

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Better luck next time?

So my mechanic friend is supposed to show up tomorrow at 9am. we'll see if he shows up second time around. lol. I'll update the blog when he's done and i figure out whats up with my car. woo im stoked! Hope something happens, maybe actually get it running!!! Lol..

in the mean time a pic i snapped today. grabed the bumper lights with wiring harness, and bulbs for 2 bucks each. haha. couldnt pass up that deal.

Stuff For Sale 012

Pic of the day

ok. so im 12 min late. lol. sorry! Photobucket died on me and i just found out i had a flickr account and i had to figure out how to use it. lmao. anyway. this pic comes from James (yellow_sub) and his new wheels. now i totally forgot the specs, but i know there 15x12. and im pretty sure the offset is past -100. :O this kinda shows the insane ammount of lip.



So i had a mechanic friend schedualed to show up at 9am today to help out with the s13, and maybe figure out why its not getting spark. long story short, i sit around for like 2 hours. He dosent show up, and now im late for a job i got yesterday. lmao. but he had a good reason and he was on his way when i called and said i have to go. lol. anyway. he's gunna come back this friday. so hopefully we can figure it out and do work!

and since i havent posted a pic of the car yet. In its current state. (actually i recently got some bumper lights from a junkyard fer way cheap. lol. i'll throw some pics of them up soon, along better pics of the car)

I can haz bumper 001

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pic of the day!

From today onwards. we'll have a pic of the day! Today is this epic pic of the C's Garage 180. sporting a sick Hot Road kit, its just baller. lol.


Song of the week

OK! I changed my mind. haha! I can do that right? Lmao. new song of the week. lol. So this weeks real song is "I dont care" by Apocalyptica featuring Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace. Ive always liked Three Days Grace yet I dont really know much about Apocalyptica, but put them together, and u've got a damn good song. haha. I love the use of the different string instruments, it really gives a different sound. Anyway, listen and enjoy this great song, and im sure it'll end up stuck in ur head like it does me. LOL

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hellaflush Baby! WOO!

Soo, as some may know. Hellaflush 3.5 is commin up. Well last night i sent in an app thinggy. and i made it! IM IN THE SHOW! WOOOOO! Im stoked and had to tell u. hahah! here's the flyer incase anyone wants to hit it up. Its gunna be hella AWESOME!!! On top of the HF event, Fatlace is throwing the Team Drift Championship. Drifting, and hellaflush event, same time, same place?! Dosent get any better then that!!! haha!


check out there site (in my blog roll) for more info.

Random Shoot!

So its been a while since i've done a real shoot with my car. so my friend nick (in the blue ep), and i went out to some local spots and did some shooting. lol. ok. funny story with this first spot. its right next to the local golf course. BAD IDEA! LOL! So my friend was walking to his car so we could set up the next shot, and a golf ball lands right next to him. he's like WTF?! Im like fo reals?!?!? haha. so he calls out "HEY! there's cars over here!" the guy yell's back "Were not trying to hit them" next 2-3 hits are all in the same vicinity, and now im like. ok. wtf man. so he rolls by in his golf cart lookin like a total douche, and we move along with out shooting. lmao. Anyway! Here some shots from the first spot. i think these turned out the best of the 3 spots we hit up. whic was a good thing cuz my cam died. lol. One more thing! I want ur oppion on the toyota badge. got it for free from a junkyard. threw it on today. idk if i like it or not.


Then spot 2 came along


Then spot 3, and the cam died after only a few shots :(