Saturday, December 25, 2010


Whats up guys! Merry christmas! hope everyone got what they wanted. I got a lap top! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY looks like i'll be posting a little more often :D

Merry christmas ya'll!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

End of Year 818 Meet

Yuup the last HFD 818 Meet FOR THE WHOLE YEAR! Hahaha. It was a great turn out. Lots of guys showed up. Some new faces, some old, some ugly. hahaha jk. On to the pics! Sorry my coverage sucks cam has aidz and i deleted more then half the pics i took because they were infected. lol

Daylo brought CUPCAKES!!!!!!! Thanks daylo they were amazing haha

818 Meet 12-15-10 001

818 Meet 12-15-10 005
818 Meet 12-15-10 006
818 Meet 12-15-10 013
818 Meet 12-15-10 020
818 Meet 12-15-10 026
818 Meet 12-15-10 037
818 Meet 12-15-10 041

Everyone watching someone drive JDM's little r/c drifter. Thanks for bringing it johnny, its always a good time. Till someone like JC breaks it. haha

818 Meet 12-15-10 043

Tony's Miata <3

818 Meet 12-15-10 046

And yea thats it! Told ya i had lame coverage haha. Anyway thanks for reading/veiwing. what ever.

and thanks HFD for an awesome year of great times, good shows, and best of all awesome friends. HFD for life homies!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some New Stuff for the S13

Alright its been a while since i've updated ya'll on my little missle project. Lol. Anyway a while ago I picked up a S14 VLSD and a 3" straight pipe. Here's some pics on the instalation of those 2.

Copared to stock


Installed. Eventually i'll pick up a Y pipe and some decent tips


the diff


The cat chillin hahaha


Then my friend carl came down to help with the instalation of the diff. and god am i glad he did. It would have been impossible by my self. lol


My dog goin trying to fly


Stock gayness found it way out of the car


Big gap here. We got it installed but i was too dirty and busy to take pics. So skip forward to it installed and awesome

then carl went to leave and it was like mid 20's outside so he was scraping ice off his windsheild


the car freezing outside


Now on to today. Ok well first a little story. lol. A while ago. Like before the diff and exhaust. I tried to hook up my powersteering, since the car is SUPER hard to turn no matter what speed ur going, and almost impossible to countersteer durring a drift. (learned that the hard way haha) anyway while hookin it up i cross threaded a peice of one of the lines and i couldnt fix it now matter how many different tools, methods or anything i tried.

the peice i killed


Then after that i bought a universial hose from autozone and bent it to fit and it ended up not working at all and just leaking all over the place. (this was a week ago) so i bought another stock peice from someone on zilvia and my goal today was to install it.

Gettin things ready


YAY it went in super easy and i was happpppy haha


the haggard autozon universial gayness


Better pics of the exhaust and diff. I will be getting a sound clip of this soon, because it really does sound super bad ass. It has some sort of nissan resignator welded in so its not really raspy, just super deap and loud and well bad ass. haha


Oh! And on the last day of school i was talkin to one of the teachers and they said that one of the lame honda's that had been sitting at the school for like 2 years was getting towed to a yard soon and i could take anything i wanted off of it. And this awesome spoiler cought my attention. So i threw it in the back of the jeep and decided a test fit had to happen. and to my suprize the spoiler fit better then i could have ever imagined!


Pretty sweet for free yea? Anyway it will go on the car after the body work is done, and its either primered or painted. lol. Hopefully that wont be too far away. It all depends on if i can get the autobody class i need. Alright well now ur all up to date with my s13. Hopefully i will get some more cash soon and be able to buy more parts or maybe do more body work on it. lol. anyway thanks for reading :D

Monday, December 13, 2010

Autocon 12-11-10

Ok im back again. hahah. Here's some coverage from autocon. Over all it was a freakin awesome weekend. I went down to ryans friday night and stayed till sunday. Had lots of fun, was a really good time. Didnt take that many pics (well actually i took like 160, but none of them turned out good cuz i was shooting with my lame cam since i had to give james back haha) Anyway, Autocon was a really sweet show and deff something different. It was a super cool atmosphere, being the whole underground feel. Fast and the furious status. hahaha. On top of that there were tons of sick cars, hot chicks, and good music. I would like to see more shows like this, because i think everyone really enjoyed it. Anyway on to the pics.

We got there at 630am way to early and we were bored so after a while johnny broke out his R/c

Autocon 12-11-10 009

Finally around 9 there was a decent ammount of cars there. but it deff wasnt full yet

Autocon 12-11-10 018

I was in love with those itb's and the whole car really. haha

Autocon 12-11-10 023
Autocon 12-11-10 024

Fast forward A LOT cuz all the pics inbtween the last one and this sucked to much to keep. haha. this was a dope widebody s13 chillin outside

Autocon 12-11-10 030

Then Jermey hooked up his baller TV and 360 and we ended up playing grid on and off the whole day. I ended up winning 3 bucks in quarters outta that. Thanks pong! hahaha

Autocon 12-11-10 031

Todds in progress, sexyness

Autocon 12-11-10 035

Then Adam showed up outta no where and ended up taking casey, shane, JDM, and my self to a collectable covension type thing down the road. casey was in heaven and was trying on some hats. haha

Autocon 12-11-10 039
Autocon 12-11-10 041

Ok back to the show

Autocon 12-11-10 046

God i love these wheels

Autocon 12-11-10 047

Autocon 12-11-10 056
Autocon 12-11-10 060
Autocon 12-11-10 073
Autocon 12-11-10 075
Autocon 12-11-10 079
Autocon 12-11-10 083
Autocon 12-11-10 084
Autocon 12-11-10 085
Autocon 12-11-10 091
Autocon 12-11-10 094
Autocon 12-11-10 096
Autocon 12-11-10 104
Autocon 12-11-10 109

The girls <3

Autocon 12-11-10 113
Autocon 12-11-10 130
Autocon 12-11-10 137
Autocon 12-11-10 138
Autocon 12-11-10 141
Autocon 12-11-10 142
Autocon 12-11-10 144

Then went outside to grab some food. had to stop and take a snap of this

Autocon 12-11-10 147

And the amazing Yaki Soba dog i had.

Autocon 12-11-10 149

Ryans Dogzilla meal with super amazing fries. haha

Autocon 12-11-10 151

Ok one more girl :D

Autocon 12-11-10 155

Christian passed out in his back seat. haha

Autocon 12-11-10 156

Outside again, had to check out sids ride.

Autocon 12-11-10 161
Autocon 12-11-10 162

And the show was over. haha. then we all went out to get some food. ended up getting Pho or fuh how ever u spell that. haha either way it was something i'd never tried before and the cow balls aside it was pretty good. haha

Autocon 12-11-10 164
Autocon 12-11-10 163

After that went to ryans and passed out. then helped shawn work on his car sunday. sorry forgot the cam, i planned on covering that too. lol. but yea that was fun. Anyway thanks to everyone who made autocon possible it was an awesome show, hope to see more like this in the future. Thanks to ryan and his parents for letting me crash at his pad for a while. and sorry to u guys for the blurry, choppy coverage. Im saving for a better cam but it may be a while. hahaha