Monday, July 26, 2010

100th Post!!! All about my car too!

Alright so we made it to 100 posts! YAY MEE! Hahah. Anyway, Its time to step up this blog, keep it current, and going. So from here on out expect some more awesomeness. haha.

Alright so its been a while since i've shown anyone an update of my car, so here we go. Starting from where I left off.

First here's a dope song to listen to while u read my ramblings

Back to the car! Picking up where I last left off. I sold the sportmax, bought the BBS RA, sent the off to polishing, and I rode around like this fer about 2-3 weeks.

6 Flags Meet 6-20-10 057

Then I got the RA's back July 10th. HUGE thanks to Indy, and his uncle fer helpin me out and gettin these done and lookin awesome. Some pics from that night.

Tech Day 7-10-10 044
Tech Day 7-10-10 042

I like this pic. haha

Tech Day 7-10-10 040

After that I got the tires mounted, went to throw em on, and ran into some problems. the fronts went on alright. But the rears, the center of the wheel, idk what to call it, but the wheel it self is too thick. So the stock studs wouldnt clear, and I couldnt get a lug nut on them. Which kinda dissapointed me, because I was soo excited to see my new wheels on the car, and lookin good. Plus this was a day before i was driving like 300 miles fer a week long camping trip, so I really needed the new tires. (the ones on the steelies were beyond bald) ha. Anyway so I put the fronts on, and have been rollin like this fer about a week.

recent xB pics 002
recent xB pics 007

Really like this picture. Ohh, also, because im sure you'll notice, I buckeled the fender...Again. :facepalm: Hahaha. I was pulling it so it would like up with the bumper, and SNAP that happened. Oh well its not tooooo bad.

recent xB pics 008
recent xB pics 019

This shot would be awesome with a fish eye lense. haha

recent xB pics 021

Saturday night, I ordered these, so I can finally mount the rear wheels


So those should be here tomorrow, or wednesday. Also, I'm picking up some 38mm (1 1/2") spacers wednesday, so I can ditch the hella sunken look up front. From there I'll pick up what ever size hub spacers i need to fill the rear fenders, and make it look decent with the front. haha. Well thats it for now. More pics to come, when I get everything together.

Thanks to all my readers (if there are any) fer getting me to 100 posts!

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