Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Music

Ok, so I havent done song of the week for a long time now, and i kinda feel bad about that. Some of it was because my comuter was dead, then my speakers were dead. but everything is in order. so i figured i'd make up for it by posting random songs i've been listening to a lot latley. There not in any order, or anything. Just random awesome stuff. enjoy.

Alright. Innerpartysystem. I featured one of there songs a long time ago, and i've really been falling in love with this band. Just soo many aspects of awesome. I actually stumbeled upon this song a few days ago and its awesome. Soo, here it is. Innerpartysystem--Structure

Alright. Slipknot. To be honest, not my fave bands, or even close, but they have some really great songs. And this song is most deff my fave song by them! Soo, enjoy the sounds of Slipknot--Snuff

DIRTAAYYY MONEYYY!!! LOL! Aka P-Diddy. This new song is simply win. The beat is soo damn fresh u cant help but dance. so get up out yo chair and get yo swerve on! Dirty Money--Hello Good Morning (it seems a lil different then the version i have [which is the normal real one. lol] u never know what these kids do on youtube these days =P )

Time for some rise against. Alright, i've always loved this band. and for some reason there amazing at slow, really meaning full songs. and this one is no different. Sit back and take in all the somewhat sad lyrics of Rise Against--Hero Of War

The cool kids? Does it get any cooler? LOL! Well there dope. Kinda new band to me, actually found em on fuel TV. lol. but the beats are dope, and the songs are pretty dope. Kinda reminds me of some old school freestyle or something. The Cool Kids--Im Mikey

One more! This one, if its not done already, will simply melt your face right off the bone. The music and raw talent in the song is just insane. To be honest i dont like the singer's voice much. but god the beautiful harmony made between those 2 guitars and the insane drummer is just epic. Its too bad the drumer is dead :/ Anyway. Avenged Sevenfold--Beast And The Harolt

Alright! I will hopefuly continue to keep song of the week going now. if not i'll randomly post stuff like this. hahaha

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