Thursday, August 5, 2010

HFD Wednesday Meet

Hit up the weekly HFD meet last night. Good time as always, and I actually remembered my camara this time. Haha. Anyway here are some pics. Oh, and sorry some of the pics arnt too clear, I've been trying to shoot on manual settings latley to improve my skills. Its working, but sometimes I dont get the best shots. haha oh well.

So I was totally shocked when I saw Heinz there, every time I'm there he's not, and vise versa. So this was like wow, I had to take a pic. Beto's face is great too. Hahahah.

HFD meet 8-4-10 009
HFD meet 8-4-10 011

Damn you Jimmy, your car is super photogenic. haha

HFD meet 8-4-10 015

Small group shot, and lol at Heinz. I think you should invest in a belt buddy :P

HFD meet 8-4-10 017

I dont know who this guy is, or where he came from but I want his wheels. haha. Super clean car overall.

HFD meet 8-4-10 021

HFD meet 8-4-10 027

Todd takin some pics.

HFD meet 8-4-10 022

Then we rolled to Bob's Big Boy's. Never been there myself so this was a new experience. haha.

HFD meet 8-4-10 030

Then there was an accident outside, I guess the civic tried to turn right, and ran a yellow possible red, and hit the versa. haha. It provided entertainment, and some interesting coversations the rest of the night. haha

HFD meet 8-4-10 033

HFD meet 8-4-10 034

HFD meet 8-4-10 036

Back to the people, and food.

HFD meet 8-4-10 043

HFD meet 8-4-10 044

HFD meet 8-4-10 045

Gave my cam to someone and they started takin pics, and started with me. haha

HFD meet 8-4-10 049

Mark was next, he said "Oh wait i gotta fix my hair!" Ahahahaaa

HFD meet 8-4-10 050

HFD meet 8-4-10 052

I got my cam back and had to take a pic of Eamon deep throating his greens. Hahaha

HFD meet 8-4-10 058

Ok, so when I ordered my fries, I asked the waitress if they had any "super awesome" season salt, and sure enough they did. Haha, so after I was done eating I asked if I could keep it and she said just buy a new one there like 5 bucks. Then I told her, "No I want this one." she says ok go ask the manager. So the manager checks us out at the counter, and I start talkin to her, and some how convince her to give me the season salt for free, under the condition that I come back sometime. HAHA! But now I have something to remember Bob's by.

HFD meet 8-4-10 060

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