Thursday, December 16, 2010

End of Year 818 Meet

Yuup the last HFD 818 Meet FOR THE WHOLE YEAR! Hahaha. It was a great turn out. Lots of guys showed up. Some new faces, some old, some ugly. hahaha jk. On to the pics! Sorry my coverage sucks cam has aidz and i deleted more then half the pics i took because they were infected. lol

Daylo brought CUPCAKES!!!!!!! Thanks daylo they were amazing haha

818 Meet 12-15-10 001

818 Meet 12-15-10 005
818 Meet 12-15-10 006
818 Meet 12-15-10 013
818 Meet 12-15-10 020
818 Meet 12-15-10 026
818 Meet 12-15-10 037
818 Meet 12-15-10 041

Everyone watching someone drive JDM's little r/c drifter. Thanks for bringing it johnny, its always a good time. Till someone like JC breaks it. haha

818 Meet 12-15-10 043

Tony's Miata <3

818 Meet 12-15-10 046

And yea thats it! Told ya i had lame coverage haha. Anyway thanks for reading/veiwing. what ever.

and thanks HFD for an awesome year of great times, good shows, and best of all awesome friends. HFD for life homies!

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