Saturday, February 6, 2010

Look who stoped by

Ok, so the weekend isnt over. but u get the point. lol. Alright, friday night James and Mark rolled up. they were there for like 5 min then we left to get sushi. NOM NOM NOM! Lool. sooo damn good. anyway. got home. chilled. drank some "Sweet Tea" (that was the drink of the weekend. lol) and yea. then today we had our own mini tech day. we chilled and emptied all the parts from james' car in my garage. lol. then todd stopped by and picked up the topline from james. we swapped some parts, and chilled some more. got some lunch. james and mark packed up and rolled out. then as i was about to leave to a friends this guy tommas shows up to pick up some seats james had left at my place. so thats was kewwwwl meeting someone new. even if he was high. LOL! I joke. anyway. yeaa. so that was my weekend. didnt really take any pics cuz i faiiiiiiiiiiiil. but what ev. lolz.

James car after he "trunkated" it on my driveway. lol


and all the awesome parts he brought me =D

Honda Life floor mats. Idk how imma fit em in the xB but i will. haha


JDM KG Works a/c dial indicator thinggy's one of like 2 in the states. if that. lol


and an Italvolanti Leather Wheel. Which will one day have the Garson bling ring. haha


But yea. it was a great weekend. those guys are hella fun to chill with. see ya at wekfest? Lulz.

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