Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mini Tech Day

Lol, not really. more like a normal day in my garage. but one hell of a day thats fersure. haha. Started when i got a call from my friend at like 11am saying. Hey! We should cut the springs on my mustang today. So i was like keeewwlll, something to do. haha! So he comes over around 1 and we get started. Kinda forgot to take any pics untill after we got the first spring out. but oh well!

Mini Tech Day 003
Mini Tech Day 004

Our array of tools

Mini Tech Day 005

Then it was time to cut!

Mini Tech Day 001

then we decided a cut off wheel was MUCH faster.

Mini Tech Day 006

And nick realized his sweatshirt was much better ON him. lol

Mini Tech Day 009

Got bored. walked outside and snapped a pic

Mini Tech Day 012

Came back in to see more progress

Mini Tech Day 020

BAM one spring cut!

Mini Tech Day 021

threw the newly cut spring in and let it down to check the height.

Mini Tech Day 023

He started working on the other side and i got bored so i went and got my s13.

Mini Tech Day 024

Found that exhaust leak. Lol! There was an exhaust temp sensor stock. and its no where in my car. so i need to plug up this hole some how

Mini Tech Day 025

Now the other spring is ready to come out

Mini Tech Day 028

Got bored again and snapped another random shot.

Mini Tech Day 029

Then thought to my self. OMG THE PIZZA! (See, i had put a few slices in the toaster like 20 min ago) And i hate burnt food. but it was just crispy enough to be amazing! Hahah!

Mini Tech Day 030

Back to cars. the spring was stuck, so we grabbed the hammer!

Mini Tech Day 031

Once again, another shot taken out of boredom

Mini Tech Day 034

This is when the day went to hell. I was rolling my car out of the garage so i could jump start it. I had the door open so i could push it with my foot, and by the time i looked back and grabbed the door to shut it, it was too late. the door hit the ladder and then the window and glass went EVERYHWERE!!!!!!!!!!! Like everywhere. it was crazzzzy

Mini Tech Day 035
Mini Tech Day 036

Pulled the car out so i could clean up the mess

Mini Tech Day 037

This was only like half of it too.

Mini Tech Day 038

Well i got over that and went back to the mustang. In all that chaos nick somehow slapped the passenger side together and let it down. i gotta say it sits nice.

Mini Tech Day 040
Mini Tech Day 041

Then as if the s13 wasnt already annoying me today. Took it for a spin. and BAM!!! Some crazy noise, and the car isnt moving. It wouldnt move in any gear. I look under it thinking maybe it was the driveshaft. everything looks fine. so i go to roll it down a hill, and CLUNK CLUNK! Something hits the undeaneath of the car. at this point i was convinced it was the driveshaft. i look under the car and there it is, lying on the ground. so i pull it to the side of the road super slow as the drive shaft drags along the asfault. i walk back to where it first broke, and find 4 broken fender bolts. I was like WTF?!?!?! Are u kidding me. who ever had the car before me held the driveshaft together with fucking fender bolts. *WTF FACEPALM* Luckily it was just that and not the driveshaft it self. So i walked back home, grabbed some bolts i had lying around (extras from the like 500 i bought for the exhaust) drove over there, threw 2 bolts in then coasted it to my neighbors down the street, and borrowed their jack and put the other bolt in there and tightened it up the best i could. After that i made it home easily. but imma have to get some grade 8 bolts for that now. lol.

a pic of the stupid fender bolts.

Mini Tech Day 042

K. Enough problems!!! Time to finish up the mustang.


Cut the rear's and slapped it back together!!!


Drove it back to his house, and were done for the night!


So the day had its problems, and hard times. but what ever. it turned out good. so the s13 broke, i'd wrather the drive shaft break here then on the real road some time or something. and the window, what ever. no biggie. I already found a cheap replacment. haha.

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