Sunday, February 7, 2010

New partzz!!!

Woot loops! Picked up some parts fer the s13 today! Grabbed a fender, the window i broke, and a power steering resivour thinggy. I'll prolly put it all on tuesday or something. And OMG the fender will actually match the bumper! I should paint it pink or something so it dosent match =P lol. And the window is tinted and none of my other ones are! So it dosent match either, WIN! Loool!


Anyway. How was everyone's superbowl sunday? Happy or mad that the Saints won? I honestly dont care. lol. i just went to a party to chill with friends. lol. although there were some good/crazy plays. like that onside kick. wtf? Lmao. Anyway. to get to the part i went to i had to drive on like over a mile of dirt roads. and not like nice dirt roads. like fire trails and crazy stuff. needless to say i had fun sliding around, and my car is like covered in mud and such. haha. Offroading in an xB ftw! Not really. lol.

Ohh. and and big thanks to slothead on clubxB who sent me some toast and awesomesause lables (dont have pics of those) lol. it was a total suprize, i just picked up my mail, oppened a letter and found toast! LOL! It made me hella lol. so i threw the toasts on the freezer where i put random magnets. and fersure these are my new favorites on there. haha! The "ROFL toast" the "Facepalm toast" and the "WTF? toast" roflroflrofl.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd! School starts tomorrow! Kinda not excited. but i am at the same time. lol. i have to be there at like 8am four days a week. uggggggggh. but what ever. the three classes im taking are all automotive related. so thats ftw! But im sure modding will slow down just a little bit now. lol

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