Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Productive Day

So my day started out late with me not really doing anything untill at least 12. lmao. then i went and helped some friends move, picked up some bolts and shit from lowes, got a big mac (nom nom nom), and went back home. So i got the bolts to finish up throwing the stock exhaust on the s13. (this is my third trip to lowes buying just bolts and such) And my last trip! I finally got everything right, and bolted it all up today. Started it up and took it around the block, in the dark, with no head lights. So i found a fancy magnetic flashlight and threw it on the hood. haha!!! It runs better with some back pressure. lol. But it has an exhaust leak (makes sense since a stud broke off in the exhaust manifold, so i was only able to use 2 of the 3 bolt holes, but i'll take care of that tomorrow) It was also misfiring since the timing is way off. but easy fix. Im just happy its running, and now its not pissing everyone in a 10 mile radius off. Haha!! Anyway I snapped a pic with the exhaust on.

s13 exhaust 004

Then after that i was bored and read on clubxB that u could use a valve stem cap on the odometer/clock turny knob thinggy. lol. so i grabbed one of my spares and threw it on fer the pic. tomorrow i'll get it to sit snug. But for now i like the lil touch it adds to the interior. Now i just need the JDM Chrome spedo trim to go with it. haha

s13 exhaust 002

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