Saturday, May 1, 2010

Musical Fusion!

Some songs i've been listening latley


This song is awesome in such a creepy way. I love the strange tribal drums, and his voice fits them perfect. And the video is just as weird. lol

Bullet For My Valentine-Your Betrayal

One of my favorite bands just got better. This song is off there new CD "Fever" let me just say this, the new CD is soo much win! Every song i've heard off of it i like, this one being my favorite. haha!

Mudvayne-Scream With Me

Mudvayne is one of those bands that you kinda have to be in the mood to listen to, because they have a verry strange distinct style, at least to me. lol. But for the most part i really enjoy listening to them, and this song it no exception. Its great, lol.

All Time Low-Dear Maria, Count Me In

Alright, All time low, is a somewhat new band to me, and so far im liking them. One of theose up beat, emo bands u just wanna sing along with haha. And thats the main reason i like this song, its really catchy and i find my self singing it all the time. lol

Alright thats enough for now :D enjoy!

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