Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Last Teaser

Fenders and hood are painted yesterday. Hood was buffed today and looks sexyyyy. There sitting in my room right now. Lol. Imma clean everything else really good tomorrow like the car, try to get all the oil off the bottom of the car. possibly mount the fenders and hood depending on weather. And we'll see when i get the oil pan, but if i get it tomorrow i still need to buy oil and a gasket or some RTV or something. Which might have to wait till friday cuz thats when i get paid! Hahaha

I did use a plastic welder on one of the bumper tabs that hooks to the headlight. cuz mine was dead and thats one of the few things actually holding my bumper on :facepalm: But i got it way stronger, so im hoping my bumper will sit better on the car now.

Pic from school today before i buffed the hood so its even shinier now! Hahaha


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