Friday, January 15, 2010


LMAO! U read right. it lives! What lives? My S13! FInally! Its been a long haul of replacing parts, buying stuff with no real result. And its done! At least for now. lol. imma keep modding and that always means u'll run into a few problems here and there. Anyway. The mechanic showed up about an hour late (all good since i had nothing planed today) haha. So he gets here, asks a few questions, has me turn it over. finds out that what i told him was true (it wasnt getting spark) he then finds out the ignitor isnt getting power. which i thought it was (yea, idk how to use a volt meter, and i didnt have a test light. haha) so he was looking around at stuff. come to find out i had 2 of the plugs switched. one for the intake temp sensor, and one for the ignitor. FACEPALM! so he flips em, i turn it over. POP! the car makes a sound! So now im excited. we try to turn it over again, and then find a fuel leek in one of the injectors. which is really lame to me, cuz i fixed that a while ago and replaced all the seals, and o-rings. Well i didnt know u were supposed to put grease on them so u didnt pinch the o-ring. and thats exactally what i did. lol. so later that day i run to town, pick up 4 new o-rings, a maf adapter fer my Injen intake, and some random stuff. so i hurry home. get the maf and intake all situated. replace the o-ring on the one leaking injector. I turn the car on and it starts leaking out of a different injector *sigh* lol. so i replace that o-ring (it was in 2 peices when i took it out. lol) throw it in, bolt everything up. turn the, click. battery's dead. *sigh* so i go steal my moms battery out of her jeep, which is huge and bearly fit in the 240. but i make it fit, hook it all up. turn the key. click. ugh. the terminals arnt the same size so it was shorting out. i tighten em up again. click. same thing. i go mess with them a lil. turn the key and BAM! It starts right away! I was like ZOMG!!!!!! hahahahahahaha. It was loud as hell and im sorry i didnt record it (i will tomorrow) it was nuts tho, since it dosent have an exhaust at the moment, and it was in my shed. wow. lol. anyway. i pull it out of the shed. take it for a really really short spin. park it in my driveway. it stalls, cuse it ran out of gas. lol. so i went and got gas, and imma work on it a lot more tomorrow and see where i go. im just soo happy it runs now! Woooo!!! anyway. here are some pics.

S13 RUNZZ! 003
S13 RUNZZ! 002

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  1. Ha ha ha. great moment in history....