Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interesting Day

K. so i had a verry interesting day today. Slow start, cuz thats how i roll when i have nothing to do. lol. then i wanted to do a few things on my xB. But it was cold outsite. so i came up with the wonderfull idea of trying to get my car into my garage. and if anyone has seen my drive way they would know its pretty much impossible. Well after about 15 min and a few 2x4's i made it in the garage. lol. On the to do list today was, raise the car for winter (thanks parents for that great "idea"), fix my fogged headlight, ziptie a crack in the front bumper, throw my power steering belt back on, and...well thats about it. I wanted to take a sticker off but never got to it. loool!

Sooo. I walked outside, moved a matress that was in the garage from yesterday (i got a new one and we dont have a place for the old one) anyway. i moved the box springs out of my way. i go to put them back one is fine the other seems fine, i walk away to do other things and here this horrible "SLAM" noise. before i see anything i just sigh "shit" lol, i turn around and there is a box spring laying on my car. wonderfull. I pick it up and there's a nice dent in my hood, and its complimented by a nice crack in my paint. WONDERFULLL!!!! So here are some pics of the damage. its not that bad, and luckily i can hide it with the bra. but it still pisses me off.

Interesting Day 009
Interesting Day 011
Interesting Day 010

Sooo. after i went inside and chilled fer a second the real modding started.

Interesting Day 008

One side raised

Interesting Day 014

Started workin on the other side

Interesting Day 025

Got bored so i lowered this side just for fun (Im planing to run at least this low for hella flush 3.5. lol)

Interesting Day 016

Ziptied the front lip.

Interesting Day 026

After that i took the headlight off the car, resealed it, and the silicone is drying. didnt take any more pictures tho. lol. I'll take some real pics tomorrow of the new lame stance. haha. i already miss being low. but one upside, it will ride a lot nicer. haha


  1. Dude that was way to close to the grill you got lucky with the dent.

  2. That sucks man, agreed about the grille being safe and sound.

  3. Haha. Yea. tha grille was actually the first thing i looked out. Eff the hood. gotta keep the sexy JDMness clean. Hahaha!