Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SnowCal WTF?

Sooo. Yesterday, One min it was raining, then i look outside and BAM snow. i was like wtf? haha. Anyway. it was kinda random and lasted longer then i thought. we ended up with like 1-2 inches of snow. then it got sunny and melted. The weather people said they were expecting 1-3 FEET of snow as low as 3500ft tomorrow too! which is exactally where we are. soo. that would be INSANE! Lol. here are some pics i snapped yesterday. and if anything happens tomorrow, i'll snap even more! LOL!

Snow DAY! 011

Snow DAY! 004

Snow DAY! 003

Snow DAY! 008

Then the snow stopped and it was sunny out

Snow DAY! 012

Snow DAY! 016

Then a nice little rainbow

Snow DAY! 019

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  1. The first and last pic of ur box is awesome. U should post it in the fresh photo thread on stanceworks