Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Coveted First Post!

So, imma start with a lil intro of my self. lol. Anyway. my name's tony. I live in a tiny town called lake hughes, about 50 miles south of LA. Umm, cars and music are pretty much my life. I currently own 2 cars, my DD, an 05 xB., and my lil project "drifter" the 90 s13. lol. u guys will be seeing lots of both. Im a super broke 17 year old college student, trying to fund 2 projects, and at the moment. Totally failing at it. HAHA! But that will change once i get setteled in this new semester, and get another job. lol. Anyway, im rambling. hah. but enjoy the blog, and i'll try to update it as often as i can (ok more like as often as i feel like it. lmao)


  1. dont be filtering your stories bro...we want to hear all about those wild shenanigans you be getting up to

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  3. Make sure your blog don't suck