Monday, January 18, 2010

More S13 Randomess

Lol. yes. i did more work on my S13 yesterday and today. Just normal routine maintenance, oil and filter, fuel filter, plugs, coolent (since it was running off watter. lol) and some other things. I also picked up a few gaskets to mount the stock exhaust back on the car. but i didnt get enough to actually slap it on. so im still pissing off the neighbors. hahaha. oh well :D And omg this car is soo much more spirited then my xB. WAY more power, and revs a lot higher. I was doin like 30 in first and i was only at 6k. lol. The xB tops out in first at like 28. hahaha. It was a lot of fun tho. and it was kinda raining. so maybe spun the tires once or twice. I really need to weld the diff tho. lol. tried to slide around a lil turn, and pretty much failed. the car wouldnt break loose. lol. so that will be the next real mod. lol. anway. here are some pics.


So i also took the bunjee cord off that was holdin the trunk closed, because after my first drive i realized it wasnt doing such a great job. lmao. ZIPTIEZ FTW! Hahaha


and i cleaned up the engine bay, and the entire car, after all the work was done.


I slapped the hood back on, and now the car is sitting outside in the rain. lol. lets hope it dosent leak anywhere. lmao.

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