Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pic of the day

Ok. im sorry i totally forgot about this. lmao. i think i missed yesterday? But my s13 and all the excitment got me side tracked. so i'll post 2 to make up for it :D lol

first is just this epic pic of a 72 (?) skyline in a PERFECT garage. i can seriously only dream of a garage soo nice. its simply immaculate, and the car is a work of old school, japonese art. so enjoy


This next pic. i've been waiting for a time to use it as "pic of the day" Cuz its an awesome car, and one of my favorites as a VIP platform. and this one if just done up perfect.

(and yes i got both these pics from hella flush. forgive me. haha)


and now that were cought up. see you tomorrow with a new pic :D

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